Raise To Answer: Answer Calls with a Raise -RS1

Raise To Answer: Answer Calls with a Raise -RS1

Raise To Answer is a free utility application developed by Sylvia van Os for mobile devices. It introduces a novel way to handle incoming phone calls by leveraging the built-in gyroscope sensors in your device. This open-source app aims to provide an alternative method for answering calls, eliminating the need for swiping gestures.
Raise to Answer: The primary feature of the app is its ability to answer incoming calls simply by raising your device. This utilizes the gyroscope sensors to detect the motion and trigger the call answer function.

Avoid Accidental Answers: To prevent accidental answers, the app introduces a feature where you can hold your device to your ear before accepting the call. This adds an extra layer of control to ensure intentional call answering.

Decline Calls: Raise To Answer also includes an option to decline calls easily. You can achieve this by placing your device face-down, providing a quick and intuitive way to reject incoming calls.

Feedback Options: The app offers customization options for audio and touch feedback. You can enable beeps and vibrations to get notified when a call is answered or declined, enhancing the user experience.


  1. Free and open-source.
  2. Eliminates the need for swiping gestures to answer calls.
  3. Additional features to prevent accidental actions.
  4. No ads, contributing to a clean user experience.


Inconsistent Performance: Users report that the app's performance can be hit-or-miss, making it unreliable in some situations.
Lack of Predictability: The concept is promising, but the app's unpredictability in practice may affect its overall usability.

Raise To Answer introduces an interesting concept for answering calls, providing an alternative to traditional swipe gestures. While the idea is convenient, the app's current inconsistency in performance may make it less reliable for some users. It's worth trying out, but users should manage their expectations and be aware of its unpredictable nature. The hope is that future updates will address these issues and enhance the overall functionality of the app.

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