Patient Aid: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in Bangladesh- Dc1

Patient Aid: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in Bangladesh- Dc1

Patient Aid stands as the first offline and largest comprehensive free healthcare delivery app in Bangladesh. Developed by ITmedicus, this app is a groundbreaking initiative that provides an extensive range of healthcare services and information to the general public and patients.

  1. Fast Medicine Search: Access a vast database of medicines in both English and Bangla. The app offers comprehensive information on different medicine brands, including generic names, forms, strengths, companies, and prices.
  2. Medicine Details: Get concise yet pertinent information about medicines, including uses, side effects, and warnings for common prescribed medications.
  3. Medicine Reminder & Cost Calculator: Never miss a dose with the medicine reminder feature. Additionally, calculate your daily, weekly, or monthly expenditure on different medicines with the cost calculator.
  4. Doctor Selector: Confused about which doctor to visit? The app helps you find an appropriate doctor based on your specific health issues.
  5. Chamber Details & Appointment: Discover specialist doctors' chamber details in your area and instantly call for an appointment.
  6. Directory: Quickly access an extensive healthcare and medical database, finding the nearest doctor, hospital, ambulance, and pharmacy.
  7. Health Tips: Receive comprehensive and medically reviewed health and awareness tips in both Bangla and English. The app serves as a quick, handy guide for emergency medical first aid.

  • Drug Details: Get in-depth information about drugs, including indications, dosage, contraindications, side effects, precautions, warnings, FDA pregnancy category, therapeutic class, pack size, and price.
  • Search Drugs: Find drugs by brand name, generic name, or condition.
  • Drugs by Brands: Explore drugs alphabetically by brand names.
  • Drugs by Generics: Browse drugs alphabetically by generics.
  • Drugs by Classes: Discover drugs categorized by classes.
  • Drugs by Conditions: Access information about drugs based on medical conditions.
  • Favorite Drugs: Bookmark your preferred brand names for quick access.
  • Medical Events: Stay informed about international medical events.
  • Feedback: Provide valuable suggestions, advice, and comments directly through the app.

The DIMs app, integrated into Patient Aid, provides an even more extensive range of features, including drugs details, search drugs, drugs by brands, drugs by generics, drugs by classes, drugs by conditions, favorite drugs, medical events, and a feedback platform.

Patient Aid is more than an app; it's a revolution in healthcare accessibility for the people of Bangladesh. From medicines to doctors, appointments to health tips, it's a comprehensive solution at the fingertips of users.

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