Bruno is back! manchester united winner

Bruno is back! manchester united winner

Manchester United's best performance of the season so far was marred by the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo before the end of the 2-0 win over Spurs.

Bruno Fernandes and Fred scored in Manchester's Lively United side's win over Tottenham on Wednesday night. But that wasn't even half the story.

In fact, with four minutes remaining in his 2-0 winning side, non-appearing substitute Cristiano his Ronaldo is leading the way.

Spurs had a chance to be within one point of Arsenal at the top of the Premier League table but were dismantled by the hosts. Fred and Fernandez put on a show in the middle of the park, so both as Eric ten Haag's side solidly outperformed Drab in the recent Manchester derby and re-established themselves as legitimate contenders for the established one top. It was fitting that both finished on the goalscoring chart. He is fourth in the Premier League this season.

Tottenham's performance may have been underperformed as Antonio Conte's side struggled once again against one of his big boys, but Eric Tenhag's United have been very impressive and three points are well within reach. They showed their best performance and finished within 4 points in the match against Spurs.

Bruno Fernandes:

contribution of the captain. Even when things didn't go well for Bruno in the first half, he worked tirelessly to ensure Tottenham never rested for a moment. And when it mattered most, when the game was still balanced, he took the chance and confidently sealed the win. As soon as the ball left the boot, everyone, including Hugo Lloris, knew exactly where it was going and Bruno drove the bouncing ball into the top corner to give his team a big win.

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