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2022 Lamborghini Countach First Look Review: The Gold Standard For Retro-Modernism

Lamborghini Countach

PRICE : $2,640,000

Lamborghini have made it clear to us all year that their focus for 2021 is the Countach. how could i not be First, it explained how the Countach inspires all Lambos today, and then there was a full tribute to the iconic poster car. In the year of the car's 50th anniversary, we saw a wealth of celebratory videos and stories, and these even inspired a depiction of what a modern Countach might look like. Though it's been a tremendous effort, Lamborghini has now unveiled what the

thinks is a respectful homage to the original classic, and guess what?

The Countach LPI 800-4 is perfect. Let's dive in and see what this new masterpiece has to offer. Exterior styling: Retro styling done right: The modern Countach has a few downsides. Thanks to pedestrian protection laws, pop-up headlights are no longer legal, and the result is headlights that look like they could have worked better in a Diablo homage. You still look slim enough to sit on a Countach and that front end is clearly inspired by the Quattrovalvole version in a way that's just awesome.

Block extensions at the front and stripes down the side panels add a touch of retro style. The sharp angle of the original Countach's front wheel arch has also been dramatically redesigned, while the 'gill' louvered shoulder vents are softer than the original but just as effective. At the rear, Sian-style taillights are paired with something I haven't seen on a new Lambo in a long time: quad exhaust tips. These are housed in a solid

carbon fiber diffuser, and the visually heightening cutout at the rear of each 21-inch phone-style wheel is great. The front wheels are from the 1920s and there are carbon ceramic brakes on all four corners.

Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires keep you on the straight and narrow, but we might spend most of the day looking at the louvered engine cover that leads to a photochromic roof, or the over-the-top NACA side slits. This is shiny from front to back and the overall shape beautifully mimics that of the original.

Performance: A raging bull for the 21st century - The Countach is constructed from a carbon fiber monocoque and clad with full carbon body panels and interior panels to keep weight down. Active magnetorheological pushrod suspension front and rear with horizontal shock absorbers and coil springs promise exceptional handling, while hydraulic power steering is becoming as rare as rubies and just as valuable. That doesn't mean you're buying old stuff, though: the Countach represents the best

Lamborghini has to offer right now, so its 6.5-litre V12 makes 769bhp and, like the Sian, is powered. A 48 volt motor is powered by a 600 amp supercapacitor and is mounted directly to the transmission to add another 33 hp with 25 lb-ft of torque for a total of 802 hp.

It peaks at 531 lb-ft at 6750 rpm, with the engine hitting full power at 8500 rpm and hitting the redline 200 rpm later. Interior: Functional Excellence - Open the fabulous scissor doors, first introduced on the original, and you'll discover attractions like carbon fiber accents and 3D printed movable air vents. This white exterior color with touches of pearl blue is offset by a red and black leather cabin that takes inspiration from the original "in the

context of a modern car". Geometric stitching is found on the seats and dashboard, the latter of which "carries a square motif that nods to the bold style and optimism of 1970s design and technology". There is also an 8.

This car's unique 4" HDMI center touchscreen features Apple CarPlay and a dedicated button called "Styles". Press it and the screen explains the Countach design philosophy. How cool is that?






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