Netflix Reveals New Games Arriving in August 2022

 Netflix Reveals New Games Arriving in August 2022

As always, Netflix has officially released a complete list of TV shows and movies coming to the streaming service in August, ending in July. Recently, Netflix has started bullying a new video game. It will be added to the service within a few months prior to the arrival of mobile devices. August 2022, this includes four different video games in particular. This includes 12 minutes and the long-awaited immortality. 

Surprisingly, Netflix lists all four titles as "coming soon" instead of fixing them to a specific date. Given the recent release of Immortality  on all  other announced platforms such as the Xbox Series X | S and PC were pushed back via Steam on August 30th. You may also arrive on Netflix that day. Below you can see a complete description of the four video games that will be coming directly from Netflix to Netflix in August 2022.

Netflix Heads Up!

Description: "Play a successful Charade game. A deck based on your favorite Netflix title has arrived. Bring some friends and start having fun!"


Description: "Starlet is gone. Your movie, unreleased. Expect to investigate the lost works of the Silver Screen and unravel the mystery behind their disappearance." 

Rival Pirates

Description: " Let them walk the board! Set sail in front of your enemies, fire shells, avoid traps and find treasures in this swashbuckler. "

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Twelve Minutes

As mentioned above, Netflix Heads Up! , Immortality, Rival Pirates, and 12 Minutes will be available on Netflix in August 2022. In general, Netflix games  are available worldwide on both Android and iOS devices, and gamers can download and find a variety of games at their respective app store fronts, in addition to the Netflix app itself. increase. It's unclear  when exactly the four different video games will be known. It actually appears on Netflix, but the hint seems to be that all four will be released next month.

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